How do you explain your investment decisions?

Decissio helps investors enhance their gut decisions with data

Investing is a complex game

There is no way around that but We can help you win it!

Large amounts of BS

Investors constantly screen through large amount of crap. They are always thinking whether the company is showing the full picture. It can get tiring

Unusable Formats

Most Decision Data is stored in unusable formats that algorithms cannot be run upon. They go into the large pile of wasted collective knowledge.

Chasing companies for data is a hastle

So you have invested, your portfolio is doing good, however chasing busy founders for data is a full time job.

More data ≠ Success

Having more data or hiring more number crunchers does not equate success.


Enhance your gut feeling with data

Consolidate Decision Making

Save time, energy and resources with a single golden source of information for your decision making.

Go to Streamline   Processes

Streamline   Processes

Manage your entire decision making process within one tool. From the initial contact all the way to investment your team never leaves Decissio.

Go to Artificial Intelligence Insights

Artificial Intelligence Insights

Discover hidden insights on a global pool of data. Our algorithms will work tirelessly to augment your competitive edge.

Go to Auditing and Reporting

Auditing and Reporting

Mitigate Risk using our Blockchain powered audit trails. Have companies report to you within Decissio making it easy to prepare your reports.


People behind the product

Dite Gashi

Serial Entrepreneur, MBA, Experienced Software architect. My goal is to bring to life services that help millions of people conduct business.

Arianit Haxha

Product Development
Arianit is an expert in UI/UX, building and making beautiful interfaces while maintaining a great user experience.

Corey Clippinger

Data Expert
Completely comfortable managing large complex sets of data using Python. I like to use regression models and visualizations to make data useful.

Kreshnik Deliu

Fintech professional with a can do attitude, full of grit and passion. Kreshnik is focused on empowering people to make smarter decisions through use of technology

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